Thursday, August 6, 2009

Day 2 at the 127 Corridor sale

Another great day in Kentucky! We went another 80 miles south from Danville Kentucky to Monticello. The weather was wonderful. Warm but not super hot and no rain! The ground remains muddy but it is definitely better than yesterday.

We met more wonderful people and of course some strange people. I often wonder about the people that are selling at 127. There are people that truly have "garage sale" type items at garage sale prices. There are people that have garage sale items at a ridiculous price. There are antique dealers that still think they can get $200 for something I can buy on ebay for $20. There are those people who have a box that you sift through with mostly trash and you wonder why they bother. There are also lots of people selling reproduction glassware. I do believe that there are markets for reproduction, but sell it at a reproduction price. There are too many people out there trying to sell it as if it was old.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 1 of World's Longest Yard 127 sale

Well, we are finally here and Day 1 is over. We are tired and DIRTY! There has been significant rain for the last week. We actually flew into Nashville yesterday, into a significant storm. You know that it's going to be bad when the National Weather service sends out the emergency broadcast system several times along the way!

We left Danville Kentucky heading north on 127. Unfortunately, it was still raining so we continued to drive north hoping it would let up on our way to Ohio. The weather finally cleared and we began shopping! There were some great finds, vintage Alice in Wonderland cookie jar, Fenton vases, 1950's planters, ceramic animals, jewelry and more. We had forgotten how beautiful Kentucky is in August. There are gorgeous green rolling hills, working farms and horse ranches etc. On our first stop, we talked to a man who loves Kentucky and told us that God vacations in Kentucky!! We had forgotten how much people in Kentucky love their state!

We met some wonderful people, some strange/scary people and some who were angry about....well whatever.

We are hoping for better weather and more great shopping tomorrow!

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