Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wagon Train 2009

I have been an antique dealer for sometime now. It started out with my sister and I selling only on ebay, then moved to shows and then to creating upcycled and repurposed jewelry. During this journey, I've fallen in love with many Victorian items: pickle castors, castor sets, brides baskets etc. I always wonder where these items started off in life, who loved them etc.

Recently, we did a show in Placerville celebrating not only the founding of Placerville but also celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Wagon Train. The Wagon Train is a group of people, wearing period style clothing, traveling from somewhere in Nevada to Placerville, CA. We were enjoying a nice day outside when the Wagon Train pulled in. We took a couple of pictures, and just for a moment, I thought, that looks fun. Then reality set in. I do not like camping AT ALL. To me, if I wanted to sleep on the ground and eat something cooked outside, I wouldn't work. I know many people love to camp, it's just not me. I don't go on any vacation that doesn't include a high end hotel.

So I'm looking the the Wagon Train and imaging camping. I then realize that the wagons don't have air conditioning or shock absorbers for the matter. They only go a couple of miles per hour and the trails aren't paved Can you imagine being in the back of the pack with all of the dust being kicked up into the air? There are no bathrooms, hot shows, electricity or internet connection. (If you think you can live without internet, see what you do when your server goes down for a couple of hours!)

For all of you out there that did participate, have participated in the past or think that you will be participating in the future, don't worry---you can have my spot. I'll waive from the comfort of my room at the Hilton.

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  1. My idea of camping is the Holiday room service