Sunday, June 28, 2009

Show SchedulIe for July and August

We are keeping a very busy schedule for the rest of 2009. Until someone tells me how to add an "actual calendar" I will just list shows for a 2 month period of time.

July 2009
July 3rd--Estate Sale of Maria Clark, Citrus Heights, CA
July 5th--Alameda Point Antique show
July 9th-12th Portland Expo Collectible and Antique Show
July 18th----Can you believe that my sister is allowing me to have a "free weekend"??
July 26th--Moss Landing, CA. Moss Landing is 1/2 way between Santa Cruz and Monterey. This is a great show!

August 2009
Aug 2nd--Alameda Point Antique Show
Aug 4-9th ---127 SALE----YIPPPPEEE! Please pray for cool weather!
August 30th---Niles Antique Faire---Freemont, CA

I'm sure Sheri will add to the schedule---she always does! Feel free to email me if you want booth numbers, directions. Email Sheri if you want us to do another show! :-)

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  1. You forgot to give my email. Really looking for another July show. No days off is good for you.