Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Looking for your diary?

Most Saturday mornings, I am out and about town at different garage sales looking for good buys. It's an interesting treasure hunt. There are days when I fill my car and wish I had brought more money and my SUV. There are days when I wonder why I get out of bed and run around town with nothing to show for it. It's the hunt that keeps me going. I make my list of sales the night before, number the sales according to a rational route and put an asterisks by any sale that looks particularly appealing. I don't have a set list of items that I am looking for, just something that I like and at the right price. (As an aside, if you are selling your items at a retail price, call it a "store sale in my front yard" so that I know not to stop.)

In the past, I have bought all kinds of books. I am a book fanatic! My sister claims, that in the past, I have shoved her to the ground in order to get at the books. This is not exactly accurate. It was more of a polite push to one side. (She was in the way!) She does enjoy many of the books that I buy and there are times when I buy old yearbooks and we sit and look through them together. There have been yearbooks from the 1910's where someone has nicknamed everyone in the school, autographs and poems from students that make us think or laugh, or just interesting old ads. The yearbooks help pass the time if we are sitting at an antique show.

This last Saturday, I was at a garage sale when I noticed a box of miscellaneous photographs, scrapbooks and papers. I started to rummage through the box to see what I could find. There at the bottom was someones diary. It was in questionable condition with loose binding and someone had cut the lock open. I opened the diary and the first entry was from 1952 and goes through 1954. I got the attention of the "garage sale owner" and let her know that someones diary was in the box and suggested that she put it away before someone bought it. She said that they didn't want it and it was for sale for .50. What horrible person would buy and read someone else's personal diary? I guess that would be me! I bought the diary and intend to bring it to our next show.

If you're missing your diary with entries between 1952 and 1954, I have it. Your *insert relation that would sell your diary at a garage sale* sold it to me for 50 cents. I would be happy to sell it back to you, but only after I take a peek!

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  1. A polite push?!?! My bruises and skinned knees beg to differ with that. Just think, you have a vintage 1950's BLOG!!!!